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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Make-A-Wish Foundation Wine, Women, & Shoes Fundraising Event

I think that even if an opportunity of a lifetime happens to fall on your lap and scream at you to go for it-if you do not fully believe in yourself, there is a 99.9% chance that you would turn it down and walk away from it because you feel that you aren't good enough to go for it.
Sometimes opportunities show up when we least expect them too and when we aren't prepared for them to happen to us. We can choose to fall back into our old habits of letting opportunities pass us by and live the same life and follow the same routine, or we can choose to believe that we are worthy of life-changing experiences with the time we have left to live.
The most incredible gesture that you can do for yourself no matter how old you are is to believe in the beauty of your dreams and always have a sense of wonder that things will eventually work out in the end. One of my dreams that I have always wanted to realize is to see a real live fashion show, and that opportunity came along when the Make-A-Wish Foundation held the fundraising event, Wine, Women, and Shoes that took place at the same time as Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.
  At first I did not want to attend because one-I had no one to go with and two-I did not know what I was going to do with myself even if I did decide to go. But I bought the ticket anyway because I wanted to do this for me and after all, it was for a good cause.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wish of any child between the ages of 2-1/2 and 18 who faces a life-threatening condition. They believe that "a wish come true helps children feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle their life threatening conditions. For many, the wish marks a turning point in the fight against their illnesses. Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals say, the wish experience works in concert with medicine to make their patients feel better emotionally and even physically. That is why wishes matter..." This is exactly why they grant wishes. (
I believe that the bravest souls are the children who face the possibility of death everyday, and still live life as if there is no tomorrow. It is honestly inspiring to see these children fight for their lives and somehow find a way to smile through it all. Seeing this makes me wonder why some of us who are lucky enough to be healthy are afraid to live out our own lives. Aging is unstoppable, youth is indeed fleeting...even more so with terminal illness, that is why every second should be cherished.
When I entered the private estate where the Make-A-Wish Wine, Women, and Shoes event was held, I was greeted with a glass of wine and a red carpet photo op that featured all of the sponsors for the event. This is one of the proudest and most pivotal moments in my life, because it represented that I finally loved myself enough to do something that I have always wanted to do. From that moment on, I wasn't afraid to be alone at this special event anymore.
I decided to wear my skirt that I designed and pair it with a white crop top, nude heels, and a nice pop of red with a chic clutch. Not even a minute passed by, and I had the opportunity to take a picture with Graciela Moreno. She is an ABC 30 news anchor and the host of Latino Life. In person, she is so humble, down to earth, and refreshingly fashionable!
As I walked around on my own, there were many vendors selling jewelry, clothes, and precious goods. 
Endless amounts of wine that were considered the best in the state were poured every minute into crystal clear glasses. This was also the day that I've acquired a taste for red wine.
I have learned that pairing great wine with equally great food is an age old artistry. Wine and food is like seeing two people who are completely in love with each other. Their love is so strong that you can see the sparkling, electric chemistry that only grows stronger with time. The love that they have between them eventually solidifies two separate people into one entity. You can tell that if one of them were to leave this world, the other cannot go on living. Certain foods are meant to go with certain wines, some things are just meant to be.
There were also wines that were for sale where all of the proceeds would go towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Raffles were also being held and some lucky people won some amazing prizes.
The runway was set up nicely and there were a lot of beautiful clothes being shown. I sat in the second row when the fashion show started.
The venue reminded me of a picturesque scene of an English country cottage straight out of London. 
And it turns out that I wasn't alone after all, my amazing friend Ameet Kaur Nagra was there with her company as well. It was really nice to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar setting. 
It is true that a simple hello can lead to a million possibilities. At first I thought that this beautiful lady was a fashion editor covering the event because she was walking around in a very trendy dress snapping photos left and right. I complimented her outfit of choice and asked who she was and what she was doing here-I assumed she was a fashion editor. Turns out her name is Diana Rambo, the Executive Director of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
That day, the Make-A-Wish Foundation raised thousands of dollars for charity. Everyone who donated was given a black feather boa. I felt very blessed to be a part of it all. At the end of the event, the Shoe Guys who served us all wine and food passed out goodie bags to everyone!

Taking a chance on yourself should always be an obligation that you should fulfill and the children of the Make-A-Wish Foundation are an example of it all. They aren't afraid to make their biggest wishes and fully believe in them even when there is a likelihood that tomorrow may not ever come again.
Sometimes people give up on themselves and walk away because they are afraid of failure, but I have learned that the only real failure is not trying. I understand fear very well and it can cripple you from living the life you have always dreamed of. 
But that is only because fear cannot bear the weight of our dreams. But confidence, courage, and hope can. We are lucky enough to have all the time in the world to better our lives and chase our dreams, so why not start now?

Always remember

 Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful,



Monday, November 10, 2014

Tokyo Tower Mayhem

After the soulful revelation I had experienced in Hiroshima, we were already on the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) headed towards Tokyo. I was excited to visit Tokyo because it is one of the most fashion forward cities in the world. It was not only a dream come true to visit, it was an honor. 
 Tokyo can be compared to Times Square in New York City or Las Vegas, Nevada because Tokyo never sleeps, especially in districts such as Shibuya and Roppongi. When I was in Tokyo, I felt like I was no longer the young girl with extraordinary dreams who lived in a small town that could no longer foster my dreams for they were too big to handle. But I became a young girl with extraordinary dreams staying in a city where nothing was too impossible to accomplish. 
We stayed in Shinjuku, Tokyo in a large youth hostel that had more than 20 floors and met people from all around the world including Thailand, Korea, France, Australia, and China. 
The youth hostel in Shinjuku isn't a five star hotel complete with all the amenities. In fact all the girls along with Sensei (my teacher) had to stay in a cramped Tatami room where we slept on the floor, there was only one public shower for all the women in the hostel which was inconvenient and wifi was never available unless you were in the lobby, and did I mention there was a curfew?
But staying there was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything because by going through experiences such as this makes you appreciate what you have back at home. Such as having your own personal shower for instance.
As in Hiroshima, it was raining and pouring in Tokyo, but the rain didn't stop me and my friends from exploring the city. By the way, these one dollar umbrella's from Daiso ( One Dollar Store) don't hold up well.
We did not get to visit Studio Ghibli Museum as originally planned because unfortunately our reservations did not go through, so that was a bummer. If you don't know by now, I am a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki's animation and Joe Hisaishi's music, so I was a bit disappointed we did not get to go. So one of our first stops as a group was the Tokyo Skytree, one of the tallest buildings in Japan. 
From the bottom looking up, it looks like something from an old folk's tale called Jack and the Bean Stalk, because the tower (the bean stalk) seemed to shoot straight into the sky into another world beyond our own...
And the only way to cross over into that world, was to go on up.
This design was part of the ceiling inside of the tower, it's quite ingenious and pretty.
Our tickets were about 30 dollars to go all the way to the top. The employees there gave us complimentary souvenir cards since it was raining that day.
The elevators of Tokyo Skytree were decorated aesthetically in different seasons, some represented winter, some represented spring. This one was a winter theme, see the snow flakes?
The elevator was designed to move very fast inside of Tokyo Tower, so it only took 7 seconds to get to the top. Much less work than climbing a bean stalk.
This was the view of Tokyo from the top. To be honest, there was not much to see at first because it was raining and the clouds were blocking the view. But then the clouds moved away for a couple of minutes...
In a way, being on top of Tokyo Skytree was indeed like climbing the bean stalk and crossing over into another world. I became Jack, a curious fellow who had a once in a life time opportunity to look down on Tokyo in all it's grandiosity amongst the misty clouds-wondering who lived where, what everyone else was doing down there, and if they were all looking up here thinking the same things I was...
After wards, we all went for lunch. I had a radish salad and hot green tea!
 Then a friend and I went around to explore and by some sort of miracle, we stumbled into a Studio Ghibli store, where I finally bought Chibi Totoro. This store was everything! Even though it may not be the Studio Ghibli museum, I was happy to find it.
They even had a giant, life size Cat Bus out in the back! There's Chibi Totoro looking out the window.
In case you don't know what a Cat Bus is, it's an animation character from the movie Totoro. It's a Cat in the form of a bus, who carries lost children and helps them find their way home. He kind of looks like Cheshire Cat from Alice and Wonderland.
They even had a Cat Bus library filled with books and films for you to gaze at and purchase.
The best part of this shop was that they had a Totoro who was snoring! His belly was moving and up and down with Satsuki's sister on top of him. 
Then we took some pictures with Totoro.
 And Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service.
Tokyo Skytree was indeed, one of the tallest buildings I've ever visited. It was an experience becoming Jack, being Jack, climbing the giant bean stalk, and coming back down to blend in with the rest of the Japan. Or at least try too with my fashion taste!
 It was raining and pouring when we took these pictures, but the show must always go on, that's what Tyra Banks would say!
More adventures in Japan to come, so stay tuned! For those who follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, and Google +, thank you so very much, I will continue to write wonderful stories for you all to read.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful.



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