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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Life In Your 20's

 Many women who are in their 20's think that they should have their life completely together, all wrapped neatly in a big box with pretty wrapping paper and tied with a big beautiful red bow.
 I used to be one of those women who felt that way. I felt that I should have finished college at 21, have a successful and lucrative career at 23, married to the love of my life when I'm 26, and a house and kids sometime before I'm 30. I used to be disappointed when those things didn't happen systematically.
 Women beat themselves up when their lives aren't going a certain way and when it all doesn't go according to "the plan"...but the truth is, there is no real plan.
Your twenties are going to be full of ups and downs, some more than others. You're going to find times where you've hit rock bottom (several times) and have to start all over when you've worked so hard to build everything...
Letting go of a long term relationship is one of those rock bottom moments. No matter how long that relationship was, whether it be 1 year, 3 years, 5 mattered because you were planning your whole lives together. When that's all gone, your left feeling empty, anxious, and confused on what to do next. You feel like you have to start over and feel a tinge of jealousy for those that don't have too. And the thought of starting over is exhausting.
But as hard as it may seem to refocus your thinking, you have to realize that your twenties aren't about finding someone to love you. Our twenties is supposed to be our pass for our freedom! It's our time to explore, travel, pursue our passions, our hobbies, our hopes, and our dreams! It's not about waiting for someone to love you or hanging on to bad relationships.
Our twenties should be the most carefree years of our lives because it's our time to make something of ourselves. It doesn't mean you give up when you find that things don't go your way. It just means that you have to make some very tough decisions. And that's what your twenties is all about, learning to make those decisions for yourself.
For those who are married, who have kids, and who have a nice home, I applaud you. There is nothing wrong with having it all before you are 30. I'm telling those who don't have it all, to not worry so much, because those things will inevitably happen for you. 
Finding love happens at different times for everyone. We may go on a hundred dates and may not even find the one. But you know what, it's all going to be okay because there is no need to rush. Wouldn't it be better to be single then to be in a horrible relationship with someone who isn't good for you? You deserve better than that.
Besides, our twenties aren't suppose to be about finding a man to adore and love you. It's about learning to accept who you are as an individual and learning to love yourself, flaws and all. Because if you don't even love yourself, how can you expect another human being to love and accept you? 
So love yourself, chase your dreams, work towards your goals, go off and explore the world. This is what your twenties are supposed to be about. Marriage, kids, and a home to call your own, will happen when it's meant to be.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful.



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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quote Of The Week From Miss Peaches

If you have not known by now, Peaches is my best friend and greatest companion. She was originally my grandmother's dog, but ever since my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, Peaches has been by my side through thick and thin. Whenever I felt like crying, she would always come and sit next to me and literally make me hug her. I think that if Peaches had arms, she would embrace me with them until I've stopped crying and help me wipe the remainder of my tears away...
For a long time, I felt abandoned and alone...but I've come to realize that my grandmother hasn't left me at all, and that I was left a special gift from her that has continued to love me as unconditionally as she has. I love Peaches very much and I hope that you will fall in love with her as much as I have with her quotes of the week. 
Today's quote is "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." 
A lot of us sometimes have trouble enjoying the moment...we are always worrying about what happened to us in the past-who's hurt us, what we've been through, or how we were treated...Either that or we worry about what's going to happen to us in the future-who we will become, what's going to happen to us, what will our lives be like in the next year...
It's hard to let go of our worries, because its easy to worry. What we don't understand is that worrying and being anxious about events that are not in our control does nothing for us but cause unnecessary stress. Wouldn't it be so much easier to just be happy and enjoy the moment when you can?
Set your self free, go wherever you heart desires, but remember to stop worrying and go with all your heart.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful,



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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hawaiian In The Past.

Whenever I think of Hawaii it's as if I am rummaging through my closet to to put on an old, yet very special lace vintage dress, where I always pair it with an equally special necklace embedded with pearls born from the vastness of the sea. Carefully, I walk down a spiral staircase made of ivory and diamonds to find a man dressed handsomely in a tailored tuxedo complete with a black bow tie, holding a bouquet white roses that were only meant for me...We embrace for a brief moment, just enough for all the memories to come rushing back and consume me, all of me. He then takes both of my hands in his, and leads me into the grand ballroom, where I dance with the past...
I could feel a tightness in my chest, my heart racing, skipping a every other beat, and small beads of sweat running down my back. But the past held on to me as if he never wanted to let me go ever again, as if he would never see me ever again if he did let me go. So I closed my eyes, held onto him as long as I could and took a deep breath. When I opened them back up again, I am in tropical paradise. I am in Hawaii. one of my very first trips I've taken with a couple of great friends that I still keep in contact with. Whenever I think about my trip to Hawaii, it's as if I am dancing with the past. I see how much I've grown and how far I've come from being the wide eyed naive young girl who was comfortable being tucked away in a small corner of a sheltered world, afraid and self conscious.
I also see how many people have walked in and out of my life throughout the years. Those who are gone, left a personal imprint in my life that can never be erased. Those who have stayed, continue to enrich my life.
I remember one day while I was in Honolulu, Hawaii I woke up very early in the morning just to catch the Hawaiian sunrise in all it's glorified blessing. I think I got way too excited because I left without telling my friends. I ran all the way down from the top floor of my hotel room and boomeranged down straight towards the ocean where the sun would come peeking through the morning hours...
 I woke up at about 5 am in the morning, and the sun came up an hour later. It was fun walking around the beach by myself while waiting for the sun to wake up.
 Seeing the sunrise in Honolulu was worth losing a couple of hours of sleep.
  I was apart of a club at my university where I was involved with the U.S. Air Force as a citizen and not as an Air Force cadet. I went to Hawaii for an important conference with the ROTC (reserved officer training corps) of the U.S. Air Force, and met everyone who was apart of this club throughout the country. This was my team's logo that one of my artistically talented friends made.
I also made a flower crown out of real Hawaiian flowers before floral head bands became trendy. I met so many people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, listened to inspiring speeches, and saw a live Hawaiian hula dance during my time at these meetings.
Making leis out of real flowers is definitely a different experience. You use a needle and thread and real, exotic flowers that can rip easily if you handle them roughly. I poked myself a couple of times. I look pretty serious here making leis!
I also remember taking a trolley with a couple of friends into Waikiki, which by the way is literally a couple of minutes away. The trolley was about three dollars or more, but the weather was so, so nice...with the warm radiance of the sun cuddling against your skin and the breezy wind lapping against your face, it was more fun seeing Hawaii by riding the trolley.

A turtle break dancing. Normal everyday thing in Hawaii.
After a moment's notice, we were in Waikiki. We were headed towards the International Market Place where there are tons of aggressive vendors ready to sell you their goods. You kind of had to develop a poker face rather quickly and learn how to negotiate really well if you wanted to get a souvenir for a fair price. It was eye opening because I had never experienced having to negotiate the price for things I wanted to buy.

We relaxed for a bit near this quaint little waterfall filled with koi's glistening with the color of gold.
I ended up buying one of these Hawaiian necklaces and a mini wooden motorcycle...
The beaches of Hawaii are beyond words. Every grain of white, pearly sand contours to your feet the moment you step on the beach. The ocean is warm, exhibits an exciting color of aquamarine, and is as clear as can be. I miss being a beach bum there.
I also miss the lush gardens and tropical flowers of Honolulu. This one in particular that I went to is called Foster Botanic Garden. There is a fascinating peace that drapes over your aura like no other when you are alone with nature.

I found where the wild things live...
 This is indeed a real precaution.
I also "climbed" a tree that was larger than my life.
And then I needed help getting down. It's funny because I want to go sky diving, cave diving, and para gliding one day, but I can't get down from this tree by myself. haha.
We walked throughout the botanical garden, and it was quiet nourishing for our spirits because at every miniscule turn, there was beauty to be seen.

 There were moments where we were just being our silly selves.
There were also moments where we talked about what our next plan was and where to go next. It was all so exhilarating at the time. Looking back, I realize that life passes you by in a fleeting moment. It is very well possible that we probably won't get to spend a lot of time with certain people in our lives as much as we used too.
Then there was my favorite moment of all, where we rested under the giant leaves of trees as large as Grecian titans, and just enjoyed the sounds of nature and each others company. It was simplicity at its finest.
Hawaii is a mix of Asian fusion when it comes to food and I definitely sampled all kinds of yummy dishes while I was there. I got to taste authentic ahi poke and Hawaiian poi, a traditional part of Hawaiian cuisine.

If you want to immerse yourself within a country's culture and find out about it's history and origin, the best way to do it is to eat food made especially from that country! How a food is made, prepared, and why it's found particularly in that region can tell you a lot. Besides, who doesn't like to grub on good food?
We all sang our hearts out in Hawaii.
We explored and ventured into the night and made new friends and connections.
We also sat on unusually giant chairs because it looked cool.
I surprisingly won an award.
In the days that we called Hawaii our home, we knew that we had conquered this place.
 But then...the vintage lace dress that I was wearing slowly dissipated into thin wispy thread at a time. The pearls of my necklace that complimented my dress so elegantly made their way back into the sea, leaving my neck bare and naked. He...held me in his arms for what seemed to be the last time and lifted my chin up towards his face. I looked into his eyes, those that were full wonder, full of all the memories we have shared together. At that very instant, I wanted to cry because I didn't want him to leave. A single tear found its way running down my cheeks as he caressed my face and gave me an unexpected kiss that left me breathless when he pulled away...when I opened my eyes back up afterwards, the past was gone, the tears have dried, but the memories of the past, of Hawaii, remains vivid and alive in my mind.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful.



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